Plastic Melt Flow Testing Service ASTM D1238

Birch Plastics offers plastics melt flow testing services.

The melt flow indexer is the most popular device in the plastic industry to determine material viscosities and is often used to test batch-to-batch consistency.

Birch Plastics ASTM D1238 Melt Flow Rate Testing Services

Only $30 per test sample

  • Send us a small sample. A minimum of 15 grams is needed.
  • Once received, we will have the results within 48 hours.
  • After payment is received, a report will be emailed to you.

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Added Benefit

This test allows you to examine what the material looks like when melted. This is important because it gives you the ability to see if the plastic is smooth, rough, brittle or lost all physical integrity.

About Melt Flow Testing ASTM D1238

Melt flow testing is simply a measure of the flow of a polymer when melted. The result of a melt flow test, called the melt mass-flow rate (MFR) or melt volume-flow rate (MVR), is defined as the amount of mass or volume of a polymer that flows through a small die at a specified temperature and pressure. It is often used in the plastics industry for quality control of thermoplastics.

The melt flow test itself is straightforward. The method is described in the standards ASTM D1238 and ISO 1133. A small sample of about 5 grams is heated above its melting or softening point and forced to flow through a capillary using a piston actuated by a specified weight, usually 2.16 kg or 5 kg. The weight of melt in grams flowing through the capillary in 10 minutes is the melt flow index.