Plastic Notched Izod Testing Service ASTM D 256

Birch offers plastic impact testing services.

One of the most common tests in the plastics industry is the notched izod impact test as specified by ASTM D 256 standard test method for determining the izod pendulum impact resistance of plastics. 

This test fixes one end of a notched specimen in a cantilever position using a vice. A striker on the arm of a pendulum or similar energy carrier then strikes the sample. The energy absorbed by the specimen in the breaking process is known as the breaking energy. The breaking energy can be converted into an indication of a materials impact resistance using such units as foot-pounds or joules. While the use of the data generated from a test for designing a part is not necessarily recommended, it provides a reasonable service as a quality control tool.

Birch Plastics Notched Izod Testing is only $100 per test sample

Step 1:

Send us a small sample between 5–10 lbs.

Step 2:

Once received, we will have the results within 48 hours.

Step 3:

After payment is received, a report will be emailed to you.

Fill out our lab testing form and send it with your samples

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