Birch Plastic Offers Size Reduction Pulverizing Services

Pulverizing Plastic Resin, Surface Treatments & Oil Field Products

At Birch Plastics we have size reduction pulverizing capabilities. Birch offers a variety of processing services catering to rotational molding, Oil Field, and Surface treatment industries.

Rotational Molding Options:

  • Companies can buy Virgin resin from Birch or send your material to us to be pulverized.
  • Birch can compound color concentrates and additives like UV Stabilizer into your resin before pulverizing.
  • Birch can also recycle your post-industrial scrap plastic back into powder form.

Oil Field and Surface Treatment

Birch understand industry secrets need to stay secret. At Birch we work with companies under a NDA to size reduce any product that is non-hazardous and dry.