Rotational Molding Recycled Plastic Resin Powders

Birch offers post-consumer 35 mesh rotational molding powder.

Birch Plastics has been in the recycling business since 2001.  Years of experience has taught us how to produce high-quality, contaminate free recycled plastic resin materials. We specialize in virgin rotational molding plastic resin as well as post-consumer recycled plastic resin and closed-loop recycling programs.

Post-Consumer Rotational Molding Pulverized Resin Powder Options:

Birch Plastics provides single stream sourced post-consumer plastic resin (PCR) options for the rotational molding industry. Typically our post-consumer plastic resin (PCR) feedstock is multicolored. At Birch, we start by grinding the plastic, then pelletizing and adding black color; afterward, we pulverize it to 35 mesh and can package it in Gaylord boxes or super sacks.

Custom formulation levels of recycled content with Virgin Plastic Resin

Some of our clients want to use 100% post-consumer recycled rotational molding plastic resin, but that doesn’t work for everyone. At Birch, we do not operate as a one-size fits all approach.

We can custom formulate and create a product with a combination of virgin and recycled plastic resin to fit your specific application. If needed, we also can add chemistry like UV stabilizer, antioxidants, antimicrobial and custom colors.