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Virgin Plastic Resin, Recycled Plastic Resin, Toll Grinding, Toll Compounding, R&D Pilot Plant Service, Pulverizing, Polymer Testing Services

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Divisions of Birch Plastics.

Plastic Resin (Virgin and Recycled)

Pellets, Regrind, Powder HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE, PPCO, PPHO, HIPS and Cornhole Filler

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Rotational Molding Resin and Services

Virgin Natural PE Powder, Pre-colored Powders and Postindustrial and Post-consumer Resin

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Polymer Testing Services

Melt Flow, Ash, Izod, Resin Identification, Tensile, Flex Modules and R&D Compounding

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Plastic Recycling

Plastic Grinding, Pelletizing, Pulverizing and Closed-Loop Recycling

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Plastic Compounding

Pre-coloring Resin, Pelletizing, Custom Formulas and Reprocessing Scrap Plastic

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In-house Pulverizing, Virgin Resin, Pre-coloring and Recycled Resin

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Over 100 Years of Experience.

Plastic manufacturing capabilities at Birch Plastics include:

Toll compounding using multiple extrusion lines; Pulverizing into 35 mesh powder; Toll plastic grinding and shredding, Toll blending, with both powders and pellets.

Plastic resin sales include:

Virgin natural pellets and recycled plastic resin from single stream postindustrial (PI) and post-consumer (PCR) sources.

Birch sells our plastic resin materials as pellets, regrind, or powder form, all from our facility located in Houston, Texas.

Plastic testing services include:

Our certified polymer testing lab offers our clients the ability to have melt flow testing, ash testing, FTRI resin identification testing, notched izod impact testing, tensile testing, as well as small-scale R&D compounding results within 24 hours.

Plastic recycling services include:

Birch offers closed-loop recycling services that may include the need to shred and grind scrap plastic, making it usable again. Transforming plastics regrind into compounded pellets, and if needed, Birch Plastics can even pulverize the recycled plastic resin into powder for the rotational molding industry for reuse.

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