Toll Plastics Compounding Services

Birch offers toll compounding and reprocessing recycled plastic into pellets or powder.

We offer closed-loop plastic recycling, pre-coloring virgin resin pellets and powder, along with reprocessing plastic into pellets.

Resin manufacturers, processors and distributors seeking to increase their compounding capacities without plant expansion costs can benefit from Birch Plastics toll compounding services. Our toll compounding division gives resin producers, plastic part manufacturers and distributors the ability to offer specialty compounds branded with their label or a place to go to fulfill a recipe for proprietary plastic resin needs.

We Can Help Your Company Close the Loop and Go Green

Birch Plastics offers closed-loop plastic recycling. We have multiple large grinders and shredders in our facility that allows us to help you recycle your internal postindustrial scrap.

Birch’s capabilities include receiving your scrap plastic, grinding and reprocessing it back into pellet or powder form. Our team can add chemistry as needed to get your plastic resin back up to spec. We can add UV stabilizers, antioxidants, flame retardants, color or minerals and other additives as requested. Our trained lab technicians will work with you to develop quality control procedures that best fit your product’s needs.

Services Include:

  • Using recycled plastic that we grind, or you supply (closed-loop recycling), and converting it into pellets
  • Pre-coloring virgin resin and pulverizing into 35 mesh powder for the rotational molding industry
  • Processing your proprietary formula and private labeling
  • High-speed blending of powders or pellets
  • We package using a quality Gaylord box with liners and lids or super sacks depending on your requirements

A sample of our available equipment:

  • Multiple single screw extruders
  • Maguire vacuum dryer VBD 1000
  • TSM sigma batch blender
  • Ribbon blenders
  • Vertical blenders
  • Henschel high-intensity powder blenders
  • Orenda pulverizer
  • Underwater gala pelletizer
  • Sweco classifiers
  • Kice aspirators
  • Herbold grinders
  • Cumberland grinders
  • Vecoplan shredder