Plastic Toll Grinding Service

Birch offers plastic grinding and product destruction services.

We have been in the plastic recycling business since 2001. Our 70,000 square foot Houston facility houses several grinders, shredders, metal separators and aspirating equipment. We can even pelletize your regrind if needed.  We have a well-trained staff that has over a decade of grinding experience.

Birch Plastics Toll Plastic Grinding Process 101

To ensure there’s no contamination, every grinding job starts and ends with a rigorous cleaning of our equipment. It takes two employees an average of 6-8 hours before and after a run to do the job right.

We manually inspect every piece before putting it on the conveyor to be ground up. A team member checks for paper, metal, contaminated material and any other issue that might be of concern.

The product will be passed through two sets of magnets as a backup precaution during the process.

If requested, we can go a step further and run it through our Kice aspirator to remove any fines that may have occurred in the process.

We package using quality Gaylord boxes with liners and lids or super sacks depending on your requirements.

Birch Plastics Plastic Toll Grinding Capabilities:

  • Quality controlled programs to meet your specifications
  • Small to large part grinding
  • Shredding
  • Destruction grinding
  • Aspiration
  • Metal detection

A sample of our available equipment:

  • Multiple single screw extruders
  • Maguire vacuum dryer VBD 1000
  • TSM sigma batch blender
  • Ribbon blenders
  • Vertical blenders
  • Henschel high-intensity powder blenders
  • Orenda pulverizer
  • Underwater gala pelletizer
  • Sweco classifiers
  • Kice aspirators
  • Herbold grinders
  • Cumberland grinders
  • Vecoplan shredder